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Domaine Castelas

CastelineS Fruite Noir Virgin Olive Oil

CastelineS Fruite Noir Virgin Olive Oil

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This is a very different style of olive oil. If you like black olive tapenade, you'll love this oil. It is not considered an extra virgin oil because the freshly picked olives are not pressed immediately. They are allowed to ferment for a few days before pressing. The result is an oil so rich, fruity, and full of olive flavor, it is like biting into a black olive.
The oil is made with four olive varieties native to the groves of Domaine Castelas: Salonenque, Aglandau, Grossane and Verdale. In producing this olive oil, CastelineS revives an age-old tradition in Provence, and other areas of France, of Fruite Noir olive oil. They hand-pick the olives only when fully ripe. After storing in an oxygen-free environment, the olives undergo a light fermentation. This recreates the taste of preserved black olives as their ancestors had done on stone-wheel mills.
To enjoy this oil and its unique attributes, it is best not to use for cooking. Use instead as a finishing oil. We have some of our favorite uses suggested, below.


Award-winning CastelineS Fruite Noir Olive Oil (Red Label)

Virgin Olive Oil

500 ml Bottle

Domaine Castelas

Vallee des Baux de Provence, France

Suggestions for Use:

Drizzle on salad with lemon or vinegar with sea salt and pepper for a light salad

For making vinaigrette

For making Mayonnaise or Aioli

Drizzle over toasted bread or use to make homemade crouton

Mix with butter and garlic for garlic bread of to use on vegetables or noodles

Drizzled over cooked vegetables, especially roasted vegetables

Use to make marinated vegetables, such as mushrooms with fresh herbs

Delicious mixed into mashed potatoes

Use to make egg salad in place of mayonnaise

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