Our Story

It's All About Flavor

Salt Traders began with a fascination for specialty sea salt and pepper in 1998. Salt Traders was central to the emergence of sea salt as a popular condiment and was the first to introduce artisanal sea salt and pepper to home and restaurant kitchens across the country.

And then I came along. My name is Didi Davis and my fascination with specialty sea salt and pepper began in Paris, where I fell in love. Wandering through a market, I stumbled on a small tin of vanilla salt, crunchy and aromatic. I was overwhelmed with excitement, as this was not something available back home. My background as a chef, cookbook author, and cooking teacher kicked in and sent me into a new creative zone using this amazing flavored salt. Back home, I shared the salt with my students and then, one thing led to another. Soon I was making flavored salt and loving the new journey that little tin of salt had sent me on.

Salt led to sugar and soon we were making lots of delicious flavored seasonings and adding unusual sea salt and pepper to our shelves. Our seasonings are made in a small way, by hand, not big-batch production. We like to think of Salt Traders as a place for people to find something fun and different, to spark creativity, and to enhance everyday meals with just a sprinkle.