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Long Pepper - Kampot

Long Pepper - Kampot

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Once hailed by Romans as the ultimate peppery spice, wild Long Pepper soon disappeared into culinary obscurity with the agricultural domestication of their cousin, the modern peppercorn. Our Long Pepper is grown in Cambodia and harvested when fully ripe and red, then sun-dried for several days. The flavor is deep and complex, simultaneously releasing an earthy pungency with sweet overtones of cardamom and nutmeg. The Long Peppercorns look like tiny cattails and once ground, toasted and ground, or simply snapped in two, they release an incredible floral bouquet. Use Long Pepper as you would black pepper, as a finishing spice, or added to a recipe for heat and rich flavor.

Here are a few ideas:

Use as you would a bay leaf: Chop or snap the pepper in half and add to soup, stew, braises, or chowders

Grind over cheeses, fresh or aged

Sprinkle over desserts that pair well with black pepper.

Try on fresh fruit, especially pineapple or melon

Delicious on grilled or roasted meats

Use on any type of salad

Add a touch to a cocktail

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