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Nordur Salt

Icelandic Sea Salt Flakes - Organic

Icelandic Sea Salt Flakes - Organic

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The Sea Salt Flakes

These sea salt flakes are crisp, clean-flavored, and light. The small pyramid-shaped salt is ideal as a finishing salt on all food, elevating each dish it touches with the taste of the cold northern waters of the Arctic.

The Salt Making Process

Organic Nordur Arctic Sea Salt Flakes from Iceland are made using an historic, traditional technique. The geothermal method was first explored in 1753. The Arctic waters are transported into open salt pans where the water is heated and, as evaporation occurs, crisp flakes form. The unique source of heat is from natural hot springs. No additional energy is used to produce this delightful sea salt. The company, Nordur, has a vision of sustainability and everything they do revolves around this core mission.

The Legend of Alda the Mermaid

In the old days in the North there was a mermaid named Alda. Her eyes were green and her hair was long and wild. She would sing with such a melancholic voice for the fisherman in their boats that they lost their minds. The only one undisturbed by her haunting melodies was a young fisherman named Brandur. Hardworking and poor, Brandur never stopped fishing and lit bonfires floating in the darkness around his small boat. The light not only attracted fish, but also Alda. Every night she came a little closer to the flames. The moment Brandur's eyes fell upon the mermaid he jumped from his boat and vanished into the sea. Even today, Alda's singing may be heard on quiet nights in the area of Breidafjordur.

Nordur Salt in New York Times

Featured in The New York Times 2.13.2017

"A Finishing Salt From the North Atlantic" is how The NY Times described this unique salt in a recent feature. (image Tony Cenicola/The New York Times)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Siobhan Kelly
Perfect for everything

I am in love with the sea salt flakes. Perfect for that finish on everything from grilled veggies to avocado toast. Highly recommended!

Klystron Xylex
Confession time

I chose this product because the packaging looked swanky. But the salt is very good - it’s a big flaky finishing kind of salt. If salt can taste fresh, this is some of the freshest tasting salt I’ve had. Quite nice.

Beautiful and Delicious Salt

This salt is superior to any and all other salts I’ve tried. I will only use high quality Icelandic salt for our family’s food!

Great salt

Great salt. Nice big flakes. Nice and sweet. Will be keeping this salt as part of my rotation. Fast processing and shipping too.

Love the tin!

Not real salty which is a good thing, but not quite as flaky as Cypress Flakes. More clumpy than flaky. Good for sprinkling over food.