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Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Flakes

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Flakes

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himalayan pink saltOur Himalayan Pink Sea Salt is a pure, strikingly beautiful, pink sea salt. This natural sea salt looks as beautiful on food as it does on your table in a bowl.

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt is naturally occurring, found deep within the Himalayan Mountains. While the harvesting method is mining, this sea salt was formed millions of years ago from the ancient primal sea. Today, in Pakistan, the people who mine this sea salt use the “room and pillar” method of salt mining. When one area is mined for its salt crystals, another area similar in size and nearby is left untouched, as a pillar, which supports the mine itself.

The colors of Himalayan Pink Sea Salt range from very light pink to deep red. The deeper the colors in the sea salt, the higher the mineral content measures. Our Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Flakes are in the medium pink range. The salt contains trace minerals, including magnesium, calcium, and potassium. 

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Flakes have a nice crunch with no harsh or bitter taste. The flavor is soft and gentle, with a touch of sweetness. It is an ideal sea salt for everyday use. These flakes are best used as a finishing salt to enjoy their texture. Sprinkle on food after cooking, in salads, or on dessert. The sea salt tastes wonderful on everything.

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