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Cornish Sea Salt

Cornish Sea Salt

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Salt Traders Cornish Sea Salt

Cornish Sea Salt is known for its purity. The salt is harvested from the turquoise waters off Cornwall's Lizard Peninsula, which have received Grade A accreditation for its cleanliness.

The Cornish Sea Salt has a clean, well - balanced taste. Firm-textured with a sturdy crunch, you will experience a burst of flavor. The salt does not require a grinder, but can be sprinkled on food as is, or crumbled lightly with your fingers.

The salt is produced using a steam evaporation process, and then hand-harvested from the evaporation pans. Because this salt is unrefined, it retains 60+ minerals, which are healthy and contribute to its complex flavor. Each delightfully crunchy crystal delivers more taste, so you will use less.

Chef Didi Davis said of Cornish Sea Salt: "I have been eating it right out of the bucket, it is so delicious! I love its clean, pure sweetness, and particularly its lack of harshness."

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