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Basil - Three Basil Sea Salt

Basil - Three Basil Sea Salt

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Our new Three Basil Sea Salt is an infusion of moist, medium-grain sea salt with a herbal, lemony, aromatic blend of three types of basil: purple, lemon, and Italian basil. Amazingly good on just about everything, it is also the perfect salt blend for marinades, dips, and rubs for birds or vegetables when mixed with olive oil. It also adds delicious flavor to salad. soup, sauces, vegetables, and eggs.

For best flavor and potency when not using, keep tightly closed in a cool, dark cupboard away from direct heat or sunlight.

Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy our Three Basil Sea Salt:

  • Chicken breasts - grilled, poached, pan-fried, or sauteed
  • Seafood
  • Soup, especially vegetable soup
  • Roasted or grilled vegetables
  • Egg dishes, especially scrambled or in an omlette
  • Pasta and rice
  • Bean dishes, especially white kidney beans
  • Any kind of potato dish
  • Season unsalted butter and use for bread or to make garlic bread
  • Italian or Provencal dishes
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