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Artisan Raspberry Vinegar - 250 ml

Artisan Raspberry Vinegar - 250 ml

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This delightful vinegar is made from 100% whole raspberries in Cornwall, England. The raw fruit ferments into wine, and then the fruit wine slowly converts into vinegar. Then the vinegar is allowed to mature in barrels. When it is ready, it is drawn from the barrel and bottled. This vinegar is unfiltered, unpasteurized, and unadulterated. No concentrates, extracts, sulfites, flavorings, colorings, or preservatives are added.

The flavor is jammy, tart, and full of fruit. 

Use in salad dressings and sauces, drizzle on roasted chicken or meats, on ceviche, or make a batch of quick pickles.

Unfiltered vinegar contains “the mother", formed during fermentation, so you will see that disc settled on the bottom of the bottle.

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