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Africa Spirit

Africa Spirit

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An 8-tube collection of herb and spice blends inspired by the areas of Africa most affected by the plight of the African Rhino. Featured on the box is the black African rhino from Kenya.

Explore the flavors and smells of the continent with this delightful gift. The collection includes:

Durban Curry, Jozi Chakalaka Spice, Savannah Grasslands Spice, Ethiopian Berbere Spice, Tanzanian Pilau Spice, Kenyan Kuku Paka Curry, Mozambiquan Peri Peri Spice, Atlantic Smoke Salt.

Boxed with a spectacular image of the rhino, this gift contains 8 glass tubes of the African inspired herb and spice blends. Net wt. approximately 22 grams each.

Contains mustard.

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