The NY Sea Cocktail

Call it nostalgia, the resurgence of Rye, or being mad about Mad Men; we are twisting up the classic Manhattan using our Cyprus Black Sea Salt Flake. The salt adds balance to the sweetness of the drink along with a pleasing crispness.

Cyprus Black Sea Salt Flakes
2 oz Rye whiskey, preferably not a blend
1 oz Sweet Italian Vermouth
2 drops Angostura or orange bitters, or more to taste
Strip of lemon or orange zest

Place a small amount of salt on a plate or saucer. Place a layer of water in another saucer and lightly dip rim of a glass in water just to kiss surface. Dip glassware in salt to rim all around. Fill a shaker with ice, add Rye, Vermouth and bitters and shake vigorously. Strain in to prepared glass, add strip of zest and enjoy.

Recipe Copyright Deirdre Davis 2022
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