Smoky Brew

This alluring drink captures you with its scent even before the first sip. Experience the blend of a unique, subtle smoke and soft, gentle crunch paired with the rich, smooth flavors of full bodied beers. We liked it best with a craft brew. We sampled a range of beers from IPA to Stout, using local brews and commercial brands. In the end we loved our local Cape Ann Brewing Co. Fisherman’s Brew Greenhorn IPA, one of their Seasonal Special Offerings. We highly recommend you try it, if available in your area, or explore your local craft brew in different styles to find your favorite.

Guava Smoked Sea Salt
1 bottle IPA, Porter, or Stout

Place a small amount of salt on a plate or saucer. Place a layer of water in another saucer and lightly dip rim of a glass in water just to kiss surface. Dip glass in smoked salt to rim all around. Fill glass with beer by tipping glass and bottle of beer and gently pouring brew; being careful not to touch salt. Sip liberally and enjoy!

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