Best Apples for Cooking

Best Apples for Cooking

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All of a sudden it’s chilly here in the northeast. All of a sudden we want apples; no more peaches or plums; watermelon or nectarines. Thinking of apples and pears; local Concord grapes and cranberries (well, almost time). We love how the seasons change us. So our choice to showcase our new finishing salt is a nice warm side dish of apple wedges shiny with butter and browned edges, topped with Rosemary Cyprus Sea Salt Flakes finishing salt to add a little crunch and herbal blush. Apples take nicely to herbs, especially rosemary, but also thyme, sage, oregano, and savory. We are partial to using a blend of apples rather than one variety to give the dish a deeper flavor with aromatic tones. Here are some varieties that are best for eating, cooking, pie making, or sauce making.

Best apples for eating are juicy, crisp, sweet, and tart: Honeycrisp, Gala, Fuji, pink lady. For a more tart apple Granny Smith.

Best apples for cooking into sauce or apple butter are sweet and soft: macintosh, empire, jonathan, Rome.

Best apples for cooking into a pie or sautéed are firmer and drier: golden delicious, granny smith, gravenstein, Roxbury russet, Baldwin

What's in Season

Apples now: Cortland, Jonagold, macintosh, empires, gala, gingergold, gravenstein, honeycrisp, Macoun, paulared, sweet sixteen, macintosh, crispin/mutsu, red delicious

Later - October onward: Northern Spy, Baldwin, fuji, golden delicious, granny smith, gold rush, Idared, jonafree, pink lady, Roxbury russet, suncrisp, sweet sixteen

Click Here for the Recipe Apple Slices Sauteed with Butter and Rosemary Cyprus Sea Salt

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