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Tahiti Sea Salt

Tahitian Fleur de Sel

Tahitian Fleur de Sel

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Tahitian Fleur de Sel

Dreaming of the South Pacific? Try a taste of Tahitian fleur de sel to conjure up warm climes and slow days.

Tahitian fleur de sel was born under the sun and wind of the South Pacific. The crystals are formed, then harvested in the traditional way, in collaboration with the salt workers of Tahiti and its islands. The salt is harvested on the island of Rangiroa, the largest atoll of the islands of Tahiti.

This fleur de sel is a perfect, well-balanced sea salt with a mix of small and medium crystals. The crystals are soft, not a hard crunch, making it an easy finishing salt. The taste is pure and sunny, without bitterness.

Tahitian fleur de sel will add a spark to anything you feel like cooking. It is best used as a finishing salt. We love it on fresh fruit (cantaloupe especially) and over seafood, salad, or vegetables. Add a drop to a cocktail for a nice surprise or atop a caramel sauce for some added richness.

We love this salt because it is:

  • 100% natural salt crystals
  • Handcrafted and carefully selected
  • Solar evaporated, additive free, unrefined, and rich in trace minerals

Available in a recyclable box with a cork top. Net wt. 140g / 4.94oz

Salt Traders is the first and only company outside of French Polynesia to offer this new sea salt made in the fleur de sel style.

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