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Mustard Seed Oil

Mustard Seed Oil

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Yandilla Spicy Mustard Seed Oil

Small-batch, cold-pressed, spicy, wasabi-like flavor. Pure kick with a wonderfully silky texture. This mustard seed oil has a high smoke point, enabling you to stir-fry or sauté for an added hit of spice.

This Australian oil is literally the only food-grade mustard seed oil in the US. It is produced by a family in Australia from proprietary mustard seeds grown using seed hybridizing techniques. Because of its exceedingly low level of erucic acid, it's the first and only US FDA-approved mustard seed oil.

If you love heat, try this remarkable oil in cooking or drizzled over dishes as a finishing oil. Fantastic in Indian dishes, as well as with grilled meats, pan-fried fish, wilted greens, roasted vegetables, potato dishes, in dressings, or mayonnaise.

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