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Domaine Castelas

CastelineS Citron Olive Oil

CastelineS Citron Olive Oil

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Citron olive oil is obtained by crushing the olives (mainly of the Salonenque variety) and fresh Corsican citrons together. The two are blended at the beginning of the crushing,  rather than flavor added after giving the oil a deep flavor. Corsican citrons are known for their wonderful fragrance. 

Use as a finishing oil. Have a look at some of our favorite uses suggested, below.


250 ml Bottle

Domaine Castelas

Vallee des Baux de Provence, France

Suggestions for Use:

Citron oil makes a delicious topping for chicken

Add a spoonful over fish or shellfish

Drizzle on salad greens with lemon, sea salt, and pepper

Drizzled over roasted squashes


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